What’s New


Cashflow Filter

  • You can now filter your cashflow by date and wallet
  • Filter your cashflow on a dailymonthlyweeklyyearly basis, or choose a specific date range.
  • With the wallet filter, you can view cashflow specific to each wallet, offering insights into the ins and outs of your finances per wallet.
  • Special thanks to Gerard B***, Roan M***, Ayumi A*** and Jay-ar D***for suggesting this feature.
Wallet filter
Date filter

Cashflow Breakdown

  • In conjunction with the Cashflow Filter, you can now access a detailed breakdown of your cashflow by selecting a category.

  • Easily view transactions under each category by tapping into it.

Tap a category
Breakdown of the category

Transaction Filter

  • Similar to the Cashflow Filter, you can now filter your transactions by date (dailymonthlyweeklyyearly, or a specific date range) and transaction type

  • This addition was made possible thanks to Gerard B*** who suggested this feature.

Filter by date and transaction type

Show Transaction’s Description

  • By default, your transactions display the wallet name in the subtitle. Now, you can switch to showing the description instead.

  • Simply navigate to Settings > Transactions > Toggle “Show description on subtitle.”

  • A big thanks to Gerard B*** and Roan M*** for suggesting this helpful feature.

Show description toggle

New Wallet Template

  • Added a GOtyme wallet template for you to choose from.

  • Thanks to chfyyy for suggesting this.

GOTyme wallet template

Fixed Time Picker on Android

  • Resolved an issue with the Minutes text overflowing.

  • This issue was specific to Android.

  • Many thanks to Nic C*** for reporting this problem.

Fixed Templates not showing on Android

  • You can now use the templates when Adding/Editing a wallet.